AgBiodiv2012 Programme


AgBioDiv2012 Programme

February 9th 2012

08.00 Registration

08.50 Welcome (Prof. Charles Spillane)

Session 1 (Chair: Prof. Charles Spillane)

09.00 Dr. Gerry Doherty (Dept of Agriculture, Food & the Marine): Role of the Dept of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in conserving Ireland's genetic resources for food and agriculture.

09.20 Dr. Chikelu Mba (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome): What have we learned from the 2nd State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources? 

09.40 Dr. Francis Kearney (Irish Cattle Breeding Federation): ICBF's contribution to the conservation of livestock genetic resources in Ireland.

10.00  Chrys Gardiner (Irish Seed Savers Association): The Irish Seed Savers Association's contribution to the conservation of plant genetic resources in Ireland.

10.20 Dr. Una Fitzpatrick (National Biodiversity Data Centre): National Biodiversity Data Centre - Supporting genetic resources conservation in Ireland.

10.40  Coffee

Session 2 (Chair: Dr. Colin Kelleher)

11.00  Dr. John Fennessy (Forest Sector Development Division DAFM/COFORD): Conservation and sustainable use of forestry genetic resources in Ireland

11.20   Lorenzo Maggioni (Bioversity International, Rome): The European Cooperative System for Plant Genetic Resources.

11.40  Dr. Dagmar Stengel (Botany and Plant Science, NUI Galway): Ireland's macroalgal (seaweed) biological diversity and resources.

12.00 Pat Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Nurseries, Ireland): Conservation of plant genetic resources, including ornamentals, in Ireland: A commercial horticultural perspective.

12.20  Lunch

Session 3 (Chair: Angela Mina-Vargas)

13.20 Dr. Marc Deletre (Natural History Museum, Paris): Marriage exchanges, seed exchanges and the dynamics of manioc (cassava) diversity in Gabon.

13.50 Dr. Gerry Douglas (Teagasc): Conservation and genetic improvement of hardwood trees

14.10 Dr. Dawn Howard (TEAGASC Athenry): Conservation and Genetic Diversity of the Galway Sheep Breed.

14.30 Dr. Joanne Denyer (Botany and Plant Science, NUI Galway): Bryophyte conservation in Ireland - Relevance to agriculture, forestry, food production and sustainability

14.50 Dr Judit Kelemen (Dept of Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht): Conservation of threatened plant species in agriculture through the Linnet Project (Land Invested in Nature - National Eco-Tillage).

15.10 Coffee

Session 4 (Dr. Peter McKeown)

15.30 Dr. Colin Kelleher (National Botanic Gardens): Characterisation and genetic conservation of willow in Ireland.

15.50 Mary McGrath (Kerry Bog Pony Society): History, significance and conservation status of the Kerry Bog Pony.

16.10 Micheal Mac Giolla Coda (Galtee Bee Breeders Society): Conservation, Study and Improvement of the Dark European Honeybee.

16.30 Dr. Conor Gretsch (COHAB):The COHAB Initiative for Co-operation on Health and Biodiversity.

16.50 Conference Conclusions and Closing (Prof Charles Spillane)

17.00 Conference ends